Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Vibration Control in Structural Dynamics


Prof. Aliki Muradova
Technical University of Crete
E-mail: aliki@mred.tuc.gr



In general, a smart structure is denoted every structural system, incorporating sensors and actuators, as well as a suitably defined control system in order to suppress various excitations, caused by external forces. Fuzzy based inference systems including neuro-fuzzy and piezoelectric shunt control are powerful tools for solving control problems. Smart structures also present the capability of self-monitoring, which is very important for control of oscillations, caused by several natural disasters such as earthquakes, strong winds, etc. or in the presence of failures, such as delamination.


- Fuzzy control design
- Neuro-fuzzy control, ANFIS
- Genetic algorithms with applications in mechanics
- Shunt control
- Classical control
- Smart beams, plates, shells etc.
- Numerical simulation with using fuzzy logic
- Linear/Nonlinear control dynamic problems
- FEM analysis for control problems for beams, plates, shells
- Optimization methods